Young Learner Games

The Young Learners in Ace 4 class are speaking about health and illnesses. Here is a game to help practice vocabulary.










Are hobbies important? by Paula Barneo

Nowadays, people do lots of activities in their free time like dancing, reading or watching the TV. Are you thinking of starting to do a new hobby or interest? Do you think that having hobbies is important? There are many advantages of having one, let´s see.


There are many people stressed by routine, school and work that don´t find the way to disconnect. Without doubt, the best way to do this is to have and practice a hobby! Do not think that this is your only advantage because it isn´t! You can also have a really good and enjoyable time and above all acquire a skill that you did not have before too, which is very important for your learning process.


Other advantages may be the health benefits it provides like keeping your mind distracted is a very good remedy for any uncomfortable and stressful situation. Maybe, if we did not have hobbies to entertain ourselves we would always be in the same routine that would end in serious health problems.


But, it only has advantages? Of course not! A clear disadvantage is that there are hobbies that are too dangerous for young children and others that are dangerous for people suffering from illness or injury.


It seems that there are more advantages than inconveniences and the disadvantages are only for special occasions. So what are you waiting for? Do what you love! I strongly recommend it.


Paula Barnao. First Certificate essay.

Young Learner Story

The Young Learners in Ace 4 class are comparing animals which live under the sea. Here is a short story to help them learn about an angel fish.









Teenagers Upper Intermediate

Here is a fun activity to help you practice  past participles. Enjoy!