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Ana Roda - Restaurant review

One of my favourite restaurants is to go out with friends in ´Compechano Merendero´ . It is situated at 286 Valencia Street in Barcelona so it is extremely easy to arrive there.

There are big plates of meat and potatoes and they often cost between 6 and 10 euros so it´s not very expensive. However, if you are the type of person who enjoys eating fish or vegetables you won´t like Compechano. Although there is not a lot of variety of food it´s quite good for a group of hungry people I believe.


Moreover, the restaurant has a special design. There are blue and red little lights, big plates on the walls and waiter wearing boots and hats as cowboys.  You would laugh if you saw them! 

I can thoroughly recommend the restaurant because it is a place where you can eat a lot without paying too much money. In fact, that´s what people on our age are looking for! (teenager)

Cursos a l'estranger

Vols estudiar un idioma a l’estranger?

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CV and job interview preparation course

Estàs buscant feina? Vols enviar currículums a l’estranger?

Independentment de la teva professió en l’entorn de crisi actual, normalment només tens una oportunitat per promocionar-te. El teu currículum combinat amb la forma com et presentes són aspectes crítics per a obtenir un lloc de feina.

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