Film review by Gemma Ramírez - Advanced


One of my favourite films is Primal Fear. The film is directed by Gregory Hoblit and it stars Richard Gere, Laura Linney and Edward Norton in his distant youth. It’s an astonishing and surprising thriller about the progress of a bloody murder study. The un-known past and the liars fill the film!

It tells the story of a disoriented teenager, called Aaron, who is accused of having killed a famous Catholic archbishop. His lawyer, Martin Vail, believes that Aaron hasn’t killed the man and does his best to represent him. While he is looking into the case, he finds out a perplexing truth about Aaron: he has got two personalities. Everything changes: is he the murderer or not?

I can thoroughly recommend this film because its plot is absolutely fascinating and it’s also frighteningly realistic. It makes the spectator awake during all the film. In addition, its ending is tremendous. This film won’t leave you indifferent!





Tell us about Fesitvals in Barcelona

By Alba  Teens Intermediate    aged 13


Festival of San Medir

Sant Medir is a celebration only in Barcelona and it´s only celebrated in the neighbourhood of Gràcia. This celebration is celebrated on the third March every year. It is celebrated since 1950.

It consists of many people throwing sweets into a lorry or a car for the people who are in the street. Go a lot of children and adults and pensioners. The people throw lollipops, sweets, peanuts. Snacks and other things. And there are people who ride horses or ponies.

I have been every year since I was three years old. I remember when I went with my class and we sat on chairs in front of the school and waited for the lorries arrive and picked up the sweets.


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