Are you thinking about taking the IELTS exam? At Community, we have experienced teachers who are able to guide and advice you on how to take this exam. Here is a link to the official IELTS pag:.

If you are interested in taking this exam, then come and visit us and we can see how we can help you achieve your desired score.

CV and job interview preparation course

Estàs buscant feina? Vols enviar currículums a l’estranger?

Independentment de la teva professió en l’entorn de crisi actual, normalment només tens una oportunitat per promocionar-te. El teu currículum combinat amb la forma com et presentes són aspectes crítics per a obtenir un lloc de feina.

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Websites for learning English

Grammar and Vocabulary practice



Vocab and grammar  - all levels


Grammar explanations and on line practice exercises.

basic gramática practice (Germany)

interactive exercises (Spain)

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Reading short stories

Reading is one of the best ways to learn a language. As many students don´t have a lot of time to read a novel, here are some short stories to motivate you into reading in English. Which story is the most fun? Tell your teacher!