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About A Boy - reviewed by Clara Gurt

 ´About a Boy´ is a British film that was released in 2002. It stars Hugh Grant as a 38 year old man, Will and Nicolas Houst as a 12 year old child, Marcus. It is a romantic and a comedy film about how Will and Marcus met. The film is based on a book written by Nick Hornby.

The plot is really interesting. Marcus is the target of bullying in his school. Part of the taunts against him are the gact that he sings and speaksto himself without even realizing that he is doing it. Meanwhile, Will lives comfortabley off the royalties of a son written by his father so he as never worked. He´s a solitary and selfish man. He comes accross the idea of dating single moms. It is in this capacity that Will meets Marcus. It´s a very good film!

I really like the acting in this film. Hugh grant plays the rotle of Will brilliantly. The story was very complete but what I really liked was the music. The film´s music was played by Badly Drawn Boy and it´s very cool.

I recommend this film to everybody because the message of the film is very inspiring.



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