Young Learner Story - Jack and the Beanstalk

The Young Learners in Ace! 4 class are enjoying doing stories during the online classes. After watching and talking about the story the students are drawing pictures and writing the story for their family. Here is a story written by Adriá Balanzo who is 9 years old!


Jack and Jack's mother are poor. The Jack only has one cow and cottage. The Jack one day he sold the cow. A man came across the road which offered him 6 magic beans for the cow.

When JAck returned home he showed him the 6 magic beans on the wing. But because it was not money the mother gets very angry and thre them out the window.

Jack sees through the window one beanstalk and Jack climbs the beanstalk. When Jack arrived upstairs he saw a castle. JAck knocked on the door and a woman came out. The woman told him that her husban was a giant and that he would eat him.

When the giant arrived he had lunch.Meanwhile the Jack was hidden. The giant brought a hen and a harp. The hen laid golden eggs. The Jack took the eggs and the harp and ran off. He started down the beanstalk but the giant followed it. When Jack arrived home he asked his mother to take an axe to cut the beanstalk. Finally, the mother cut the beanstalk and with the hen and the harp they were very happy.